Two Year Olds

A warm and caring environment best describes this program in which young children are first introduced to our school and learn to separate from parents and make new friends. Of course everything takes a little longer with this group, though you’ll be surprised at how quickly learning takes place across important areas such as language development, socialization, and other cognitive and life skills. Enrollment for this class is ongoing throughout the year. This class meets on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and acts as an introduction to the preschool experience.

Three Year Olds

Wonder, exploration, and imagination are core areas of focus in this fun early childhood program. Throughout this program, children truly begin to spread their wings as they become more independent. During this age, children typically mature in a way that allows for a variety of academic and social skills to come together in amazing ways. Through our carefully prepared environment and activities, children will grow leaps and bounds. Classes are offered in the morning and in the afternoon. Children should turn 3 by October 1st or have teacher approval.

Four Year Olds

Abound with questions, these young discoverers love to investigate and experiment with their world. Now prepared through earlier programs, these children use prior knowledge and skills to explore in detail a variety of topics and concepts that result in much deeper levels of learning. In addition to the arts, a broad emphasis is placed on traditional academic subjects such as reading, writing, math, and the sciences. From this, independent thinkers emerge. Children can attend the three, four, or five day session. Classes are offered in the morning and in the afternoon. Children should turn 4 by October 1st or have teacher approval.

Five Year Olds

Where learning is fully alive and children are immersed in discovery and thinking, this class takes on deeper levels of study for sustained periods of time. Reading, writing, math, social science, and natural sciences are all areas that will be explored in detail through a variety of hands-on activities as well as group and individual lessons. This program is designed for those children who are close to or meet the date for beginning kindergarten though may not be quite ready. This is a five day morning program with extended days on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

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